Friday, October 26, 2018

Toni Anaya named Faculty Fellow for Student Success

Toni Anaya
Toni Anaya, University Libraries’ Associate Professor and Instruction Coordinator, was named Faculty Fellow for Student Success for office of the Executive Vice Chancellor. As one of twelve fellows, Toni will spend the 2018-2019 academic year learning about student success through discussions of literature and research and analysis of data and trends related to student success. Fellows attend regular meetings with directors of academic engagement programs to become familiar with current student success initiatives taking place across campus."

The EVC Faculty Fellow for Student Success program provides faculty with a better understanding of student success both on campus and nationally. With this information, faculty fellows will also have the opportunity to develop and implement a project that further supports student success at Nebraska.

Toni believes librarians play an important role in student retention and success especially when it comes to teaching about information literacy.
"When we are approachable, students feel more comfortable stopping by and that approachability breaks down barriers and helps students become more confident. I’ve had students visit me for help every week of the semester and that results from the connection we made on day one in a class I taught."
Toni’s current work focuses on student success rates in courses with library intervention and education compared to those courses without.

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