Monday, September 14, 2015

UNL Libraries Academic Integrity Week

Academic Integrity Week is a campus-wide event happening at UNL on September 21-25. Love Library will be hosting a few really useful workshops this week with topics varying from copyright to citation management!

Below is a detailed list of the workshops and presentations being held at Love Library. For a list of all the events happening on campus this week, go to: 

Learn how to organize your research by using Zotero. The workshop will get you set up, show you the basics of adding to and maintaining your database, and show you how to automatically create bibliographies in your desired style (APA, MLA, etc) directly from your account. Attendees should bring their laptops.

Where does responsibility for the integrity of research fall? Through cases of retracted research publications we'll explore issues of integrity, trust, and responsibility in the research process.

Mendeley is just one program in citation management tools that links with your mobile apps and databases to organize and manage your preferences. Go deeper with using this resource to optimize your time to use the designed features to organize and share your research with your colleagues.

Copyright is a battlefield, and an author's control over his/her own work can easily become collateral damage or go missing in action. Many publisher's believe they have an inherent right to own the intellectual property arising from your grant-funded research and to live off the earnings of written works that you had little choice but to give them for free or pay them to publish. 

In this session you will learn more about U.S. copyright law, authors' rights, and protecting your intellectual property. Faculty members Paul Royster and Sue Gardner will speak on copyright, fair use, and author rights. You will learn how to make copyright law work in your favor: what to do. what to avoid, when to push back, and when to run away and live to fight another day.

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