Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Art of Jeff Randall - One Evening Only

 Casino, 1996. Jeff Randall.

For one evening only, see Eric Saxon's "The Art of Jeff Randall" exhibition in Love Library, Room 221, from 5 – 7 pm on Oct. 2, during the First Friday Art Walk. 
Jeff Randall (1967-2012) was a Lincoln, NE outsider artist who created a potent, neurologically-charged body of art during a life always approaching full speed. The Art of Jeff Randall will afford the public the opportunity to see Randall's minutely-detailed artworks from two perspectives: in their original physical form, where the artist's hand is apparent, and through digital projection, which will allow viewers to appreciate this work enhanced and magnified. A select few of the artworks in this exhibition have been displayed before at Randall's 2010 solo show at the Sheldon Museum of Art, but the majority are heretofore publicly unseen.

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  1. Thank you Eric Saxon for making Jeffs art show possible, you'll never know how much we appreciate this. The Randall family