Monday, February 23, 2015

Changes in Media Services

You might have noticed that a few things have been moving out of media services.  The DVDs have moved to the reference area in the Link, and the anatomical body parts and study room keys can be checked out at the ASKus service area on the first floor.

So what does Media Services have left you might ask? The answer is a lot of technology.

After freeing up space from the DVD move, Media Services (Room 221) made more space for their 3D Scanner, PS3, PS4, Xbox, editing station and sound station.  All of these services are yours to use if you stop in.  Media Services also has plenty of scanners, computers and there is even an ITS worker ready to help with any technological problems during the day.  On top of all that, you can still check out digital equipment like cameras.

If you don’t feel like working on homework and want to take a break, there is always the collection of electronic and board games to keep you occupied.

Media services will continue to grow in the future and the library will keep you updated on any changes to come.

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