Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet the New Guy in Town

He raised Giant African Snails while living in Taiwan, collects plasma globes and lava lamps, plays minecraft on a daily basis and likes to hunt ghosts. 
Meet Will Dooling, UNL Libraries newest reference instruction associate (RIS) at the Love Library.  His favorite thing about working at the library is helping people and teaching people how to do things, because as a librarian he teaches new things every day.  His least favorite thing about working at the library is the perception that people have about librarians, that they’re quiet and nerdy.

“I’m too loud and too outgoing, but I am a nerd,” Dooling said.

Dooling recently started a twitter account @unlnewguy.  “I think people should follow me because I am funny, and because they can learn what’s happening in the library in a different way, where a student would care about it, where it’s coming from a younger perspective,” Dooling said. 
On twitter lately, Dooling has enjoyed playing along with memes and posting on the topic, “add a word, ruin a movie.”

Other things Dooling is interested in are Ancient History, philosophy and Science; he used to work as a Science teacher in Taiwan for two years.  When he was in Taiwan he raised Giant African Land Snails that are about the size of a mouse (no that wasn’t a joke).  As said earlier, Dooling also enjoys collecting plasma globes and lava lamps, online gaming (mainly minecraft), and super natural stuff like ghost hunting.  In fact, he just recently got into contact with a ghost hunting group in Lincoln.
“I would appreciate a student that knows any supernatural stuff, like psychics or UFO sightings, tweet anything like that @unlnewguy,” Dooling said.

 Now that you have a little bit of insight on one of Love Libraries newest members, please follow him @unlnewguy. 

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