Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bibliography on the Ogallala Aquifer wins award

The Geoscience Information Society Best Paper Award Committee has selected "The Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska: Gray Literature (1891-2010)" by Adonna Fleming, Leslie M. Delserone and Elaine Nowick for this year's Best Paper Award. It was published in 2012 in volume 13 of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Information. The members of the committee found it to be a very timely discussion of the issues involved in compiling an Ogallala Aquifer bibliography and especially of the importance of gray literature to the topic and its lack of representation in the library and digital information worlds. This paper highlights a specific gap in environmental information, but it is a common problem for researchers in a variety of subjects and it deserves more attention by the information community.

Full text available at: http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/libraryscience/275/

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