Monday, September 30, 2019

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio just got a whole lot easier to use. The One Button Studio in Love Library recently
received all new equipment to create a more user friendly experience. The One Button Studio is
designed to help students practice presenting projects, allows them to create high quality videos, and
make e-Portfolio introductions. Faculty can use the facility to record class introductions, lectures,
research paper presentations, or module demonstrations. Features of the One Button Studio include
new adjustable cameras, studio lighting, privacy screens, a green screen, a whiteboard and a TV
monitor for presentations. Students can pull up google slides, powerpoint, etc. through their school
account on the provided computer or bring it on a flash drive. 

How to use the One Button Studio:
1) Insert your USB flash drive in the port to begin. The studio lighting will turn on. 
2) Use the wall touch panel to choose your presentation and recording options.
3) Remove your USB flash drive when the file download is done.

The One Button Studio is located in room 116 in the Adele Hall Learning Commons, right behind the
ASKus desks. The One Button Studio is available 7:30 am- 1 am Sun-Sat. Make a reservation online

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