Thursday, August 3, 2017

iThenticate - Evaluate Software that Helps Authors Avoid Copyright Infringement

The University Libraries, in partnership with the Office of Research & Economic Development, are offering the opportunity to evaluate iThenticate, beginning June 26, 2017. iThenticate is software created by iParadigms, also the creator of the student focused Turnitin plagiarism detection software. While Turnitin was created primarily to detect potential plagiarism in student papers, the value of iThenticate is meant to assist academic authors in avoiding plagiarism and copyright infringement when preparing items for publication.
  •        Submitted documents are compared to content found on the Internet, and to more than 40 million published research articles from 590+ global scientific, technical and medical publishers
  •        Examples of documents best served by iThenticate are articles for scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, and other publications; research documents; proposals (for grants, government or non-profit); manuscripts; business reports & financial analyses
  •        Uploaded documents remain the proprietary property of the individual who submitted them for analysis and are not added to any other database.
Members of the University community wishing to participate in this pilot must agree to a confidential, mediated review of their submission with Library Faculty. Please fill out the iThenticate Request Form. Once the form is submitted, a Library Faculty member will contact you and work with you through the iThenticate evaluation process. Contact the University Libraries at for additional information or questions. 

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