Friday, August 22, 2014

Update on Love North First Floor -- Removing Shelves

All books that were located on the first floor of Love North has been moved to other locations.  Here is the handy call number locator to let you know where call number ranges of books are housed.

Now shelving is being removed.
The library shelving that was not used in the Documents facility is being recycled as part of the University’s landfill diversion program.  The shelving was offered to several state agencies, but due to the amount and condition of it, little demand was in place for this shelving (which was original to Love North).  VonRentzell movers, who dismantled much of the shelving for the Documents facility, was selected as the contractor to pull down the shelves and frames.  The work will continue for approx. 10 days, depending on weather and pickup schedules for the transport dumpsters.

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