Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is http://transcribe.unl.edu?

The best part about the internet, is that it’s searchable.  Looking for a good cookie recipe?  Search “Delicious cookie recipes” in google and you come up with a million answers.  Looking for how to make some great Christmas Ornaments?  Search “How to make great Christmas ornaments.”  Life is so much easier when things are searchable. 

This is why the UNL Libraries have a very important project going on where many volunteers are needed to help.  The libraries are trying to make the UNL yearbooks searchable.  In order to do this people need to go through and write out what every page of every yearbook says word for word.  The project is halfway done, but in order to finish it more volunteers are needed!  So go to http://transcribe.unl.edu/ and starting transcribing so that this project can get done so alums, students, faculty and many more can search the yearbooks for what they’re looking for.

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