Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love Library Powers Up

Many students, during the day, find themselves with phones or laptops that have died during class, while studying or even while walking to class.  Love Library came up with a solution for what to do when this happens.  Instead of walking all of the way back to the dorms, greek houses or off campus houses, any student can walk over to the Love Library and use one of their Kwikboosts. 

Kwikboosts are charging stations set up around the library.  There are four Kwikboosts located in the library, one in the talk zone, two in the Link area and one on the first level of Love North.  Installing a Kwikboost in C.Y. Thompson library is under discussion as of now.

Each Kwikboost comes with two iPhone Lightning cables (charges the newest iPhones and iPads), iPhone 30-pin cable (charges older model iPhones and iPads), and the Micro USB cord (charges most other devices including newer Blackberry’s and Android devices like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, etc).

If an iPhone or laptop runs out of battery life, just stop by one of the four conveniently located Kwikboosts in the Love Library.

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  1. C. Y. Thompson Library now has a Kwikboost charging station! Look for the bright THE POWER OF RED station on the Main Floor, north side, near the Reference Area.